A few ads here and there

I’m getting this blog, just like the last one, ads. I’m just a cheap kid and like to have money 😀 lol

Just a heads up. 


APP+Team Cooper=?

I’ve just received word that nims11 from Team Cooper is wanting to “merge” the two teams together. Lol I myself am wondering how this is going to turn out. Lets get it on!


What’s in/out for Friday’s updates

I’ve decided to make a list of what ROMs are getting updates on Friday and which ones aren’t. Remember- this is for the Optimus V. I don’t know about the other devices.

Getting updates- 

AOKP, MIUIGB, possibly, maybe, MIUIv4


Sense, LeWa, CNA

I can’t get CNA’s wifi working again, so this isn’t looking good. Otherwise I would have released. 


Welcome to the new blog!

This blog is now the head of Android Porting Projects, or APP. This team consists of die hard Android fans who don’t like the options available for our phones so we expand those options! Me, Gannon5197, has personally ported AOKP, MIUIv4, MIUI, and CNA. AJ has ported MIUIv4, MIUIGB, and many other projects that are based off of Chinese ROMs. Vamshi has ported LeWa, and is working on AOKP and MIUIGB.

We are accepting other applicants for the team. The only pre-requisites are that you need to have a different device and possibly a little knowledge on porting.

Wander around the site and take a gander at what you like. Comment, etc. Have a good day!