What’s in/out for Friday’s updates

I’ve decided to make a list of what ROMs are getting updates on Friday and which ones aren’t. Remember- this is for the Optimus V. I don’t know about the other devices.

Getting updates- 

AOKP, MIUIGB, possibly, maybe, MIUIv4


Sense, LeWa, CNA

I can’t get CNA’s wifi working again, so this isn’t looking good. Otherwise I would have released. 



12 comments on “What’s in/out for Friday’s updates

  1. clodfelterac says:

    can i pppPLEASE get a copy?… i dont use wifi… it would be really awesom of you man!… 🙂

  2. clodfelterac says:

    -edit- awesome…

  3. rell804 says:

    Where are the updates

  4. jordannunley says:

    no updates? wow.

  5. jordannunley says:

    no updates?

  6. gannon5197 says:

    Come on guys. There’s a tab at the top named “miui-2.3.7” and a drop down for optimus v. Just click on that.

  7. zazilez says:

    Aww, no sense, but miuigb, yay ;D

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