Successfully compiled CNA! :D

So, finally, after about 7 days of hard working 24 hours a day on just compiling CNA, I got it to compile. I’m testing out the zip now.. let’s see how this goes.


22 comments on “Successfully compiled CNA! :D

  1. chucksaysblah says:

    Thus better not be a april fools joke damnit. lol I want ics to work on my phone.

  2. chucksaysblah says:

    cant wait just wanna run ics again. lol but i have to have a phone that works.

  3. chucksaysblah says:

    Any luck booting up?

  4. chucksaysblah says:

    cool man no rush just curious!

  5. drm1992 says:

    I thought the cna already had wifi working? The zip I got had working WiFi perfectly.

  6. theexile1 says:

    is there any news with cna??

  7. chucksaysblah says:

    ill test it for you too gannon

  8. gannon5197 says:

    Sorry guys but I borked my build. I can try porting CNA 1.6 if you’d like. But just a temporary thing.

  9. Bryan says:

    But how is AOKP looking ?

  10. chucksaysblah says:

    AOKP is working great other than the bluetooth issues which makes it unuseable for me go over to the android central forums gannon gave it over to tdm and he released a updated release of it. I still say that Gannons was fine other than the phone and now the phone works and no bluetooth.

    here is the link
    sorry if i wasnt supposed to post the link gannon I will delete if an issue.

  11. chucksaysblah says:

    yes they run but certain stuff does not work so I wait till it all works for me.

  12. Daniel says:

    Any news on the update for CNA? @Gannon is there a forum that you post facts like this in?

    • gannon5197 says:

      Updates are- I have a zip, but like I said before, lockscreen is laggy and wifi is not working. I’m still trying to refix my build but it’s going to take a little while. Sorry guys.

  13. chucksaysblah says:

    dead here?

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