Im being Generous

Since the release of ZVJ has come upon us(Optimus S) I(me2151) am going to port a rom to ZVJ.

The choices are:

1. Sense ROM

2. ICS


4. Lewa

5. Rom of masses choice(leave your suggestion if your comment if not 1-3)

Please leave your vote in your comments below 🙂

Thanks – Me2151


8 comments on “Im being Generous

  1. chucksaysblah says:

    would it work on the optimus v as well

  2. twtippets says:

    I think either MIUI or Sense would be pretty epic.

  3. Lalo says:

    Aokp! (:

    Specifically for ZVD would be nice since ZVJ might have issues with radio/data

  4. Jon says:

    Sense ics or just sense I would like to see sense ics

  5. Bryan says:

    SENSE ROM 🙂 !!

  6. adrian fuentes says:


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