Sense alpha 0 is released

Go check it out on and I highly suggest registering there as all my new ROMs will be hosted there


9 comments on “Sense alpha 0 is released

  1. StaticMaal says:

    How come you didnt post it here?

  2. redbaron2005 says:

    Very nice, I think I’m going to be looking into this ROM. I love HTC’s sense. Also you might be seeing me more often 🙂 On random forums, and other places, including this blog 😛
    Nice to see whats cooking Gannon

    • gannon5197 says:

      Lol well I’m glad to see you around. Where have you been man?

      • redbaron2005 says:

        Thanks, I been really busy with all kinds of stuff. Not to mention had some unfortunate events happen, and I also moved back in with my mother, long story…. but I’m back to start developing again! Ohh yeah I got the Motorola Photon 4G too, NOT Dev friendly but ehhh still got my awesome Optimus V 😀

      • gannon5197 says:

        Ouch… sucks to have a motoblur phone with no devs.. Lol. Sorry about your unfortunate events but we always accept you here at the OV community!

  3. jonathonwebb says:

    I’m confused…where can I get this? I don’t see it on the forum. Thanks…

  4. jonathonwebb says:

    I’m confused….where is this on the vmroms site?

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