Optimus V

Going to do this page first because it’s a high demand right now and I can only reply to one PM in 2 minutes, so it gets annoying.

AOKP=Android Open Kang Project

AOKP is a variant of CM9 (or ICS) that lets the user to full customizability. Letting them basically do anything they want. You’re going to have to do a bit of exploring to find out the many many many customizabilities. 🙂

Not Working- You’ll have to find that out yourselves ;). I’m on MIUIGB right now and am a little lazy to switch over..

Screenshots (Thanks LeoLawliet)-



test1- http://www.mediafire.com/?ww8rc4aetlyarfq

GApps- http://www.mediafire.com/?qlq74tr2qarg911


Test1-Initial Release


57 comments on “Optimus V

  1. Working on the camera and MMS? just wondering lol

  2. theexile1 says:

    omg i hate you (Jk) i just got my cna comlpletey awesome it last about 20hrs with about 7-8 with music but on airplane mode wich dont bother me i dont have service 😛

  3. chucksaysblah says:

    Loving this port Gannon battery life is about even with quatrimus rom . I use the hell out of my phone plus run bluetooth constantly all day at work. So by 1 or 2 pm i need to charge the phone. MMS definately not working everything else seems to work fine. Still have to toggle airplane on and off the get 3 g to work for me. camera shoots pics for me just no preview all these things we already know about. All in All a good smooth ICS rom. I love the options freedom in this rom!

  4. terthii says:

    This looks a lot like CNA. What’s the difference? Is it even more customizable?

    • Static32 says:

      Yeah, that’s mainly it. There’s a lot more options than CNA, and it seems to be smoother, but that’s subjective.

      • terthii says:

        Then I fail to see the point in this, but hey, the more ROMs the better! 🙂 Still, great job Gannon!

      • chucksaysblah says:

        Nah thats not it . The 3g and wifi are both more stable the camera works (not the preview but the camera) you tube vids work too so I am assuming the hardware acceleration is working in this rom too. Bluetooth phone calls are not working as with all other roms . voice searching is not working either. I tried to voice search a topic through the browser and it force closed the borwser.

  5. Zakman says:

    Does youtube work?

  6. Zakman says:

    Keyboard is cut off

  7. Zakman says:

    Also, The button keys stay on even when locked.

  8. chucksaysblah says:

    Any luck on a camera preview fix yet gannon?

    • gannon5197 says:

      I know TDM’s working on it very hard. He’s saying so in the emails. Good news is tdm is interested in AOKP and he’s willing to take it off my hands :D. I think..

      • chucksaysblah says:

        lol good news maybe I like AOKP for is features and customization options. either rom is fine they are both smooth just wanna combine them both so that everything workls . I wish i was a dev i would be working on this .

  9. Zakman says:


  10. Daniel says:

    Also for me the phone app keeps force closing. I can manage to place a call, but then it says ” com.android.phone has stopped”. I then have to reboot to get the call to hang up. I have tried fixing permissions, I tried also to replace phone apk in system/app with the one from Quattrimus to no avail. This is a big bummer as this rom is far superior to Quattrimus but without working phone I just can’t keep it as my daily.

  11. Bryan says:

    Google Play FC’S , and Power amp , struggles to play with out freezing

    • chucksaysblah says:

      Haven’t had either of these issues. But the phone thing is a pain in the ass . If you try to make a call from the contacts list it fc’s . But if you go into the contacts info and make the call from the it is fine. and the power to hang up thing is no bueno either. I will come back to this when those kinks are worked out! Maybe tdm can fix this with his rom. Putting both together would surely achieve success.

      • chucksaysblah says:

        Also it force closes when i recieve a call so i cannot even answer it. have to flash another rom till this is fixed.

      • Zakman says:

        I’m going to attempt to blend them together 🙂

      • chucksaysblah says:

        lemme know if you are successful i want this rom to work again. I know the Gannon said TDM is taking it over and gonna release a version of this as well. I will sit back on my HARMONIA 2 and wait .

      • Zakman says:

        Didn’t work. :/ FFF is there anyway someone can get the phone working then I would love to use this rom err day.

  12. Gannon i just tried to flash this and i got zip error message?

  13. Gannon i just tried to flash this and got a zip error message?

  14. Oliver Puczyk says:

    Love this rom better than quattrimus 7. Just never EVER change the bootanimation i love it.

  15. Android Intelligence says:

    Is this as fast or faster than TDM’s Quattrimus?

  16. Zakman says:

    Is this being worked on by TDM?

    • chucksaysblah says:

      yes he said that when he gets all of the issues he needs to get done he will do a dual release of this and quatrimus

  17. John says:

    Does this work on HTC Evo?

  18. Zakman says:

    Update! Here is a framework update I followed everything he did to stop the phone FC’s in MIUIv4 Should work. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.


  19. Diego says:

    MMS is picture messaging too, right?

  20. drm1992 says:

    Wat if we get the phone app from cna and reflash the phone. Could that fix the phone call problem?

  21. antonio says:

    how do u install it :0

  22. Fred says:

    this dude havent updated this rom in a month, lazy

  23. drm1992 says:

    How would I go by installing it from tdm.

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