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Download- Codename-Android-(MOD)


04302012- Initial Release


10 comments on “Triumph

  1. […] CHANGELOG ——— ### 2.0.0 * update to 4.0.4 Check full changelog at link below ROM ——— Codename-Android-(MOD) MD5 = e38267e9f7c53636632fffef2f930fa4 GApps HERE Filename MD5sum […]

  2. This is great! I appreciate the work you put out considering the fact that you dont need to do any of it. Keep up the great work n ignore what everyone says.

  3. denmark says:

    its got potential just get that cam working and other bugs fixed
    also it screws with my contacts i cant find certain contacts
    all i can say its amazing keep up the great work

  4. naynesh says:

    where is the kernel source? does it use 2.6.32 or 2.6.35 kernel?

  5. james says:

    Almost perfect…but screw the camera…fix GPS and it’s better than I think any of the other Roms have the potential for!

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