Optimus V

Not Working-(Bold means fixed in next update)

Screenshots- From 03282012 build

Downloads- 04142012

GApps- Included


Test1- Initial Release

03232o12- New Base, A lot better UI, all around better stuff. Battery indicator is not working, but there is an alternative (bar at the top, in my screenshots, or percentage, which I seen show)

03282012- New Base, Theme fix in zip, Battery indicator fixed, Camera fix (raided, I should say), Settings fully translated, Browser fixed, etc.

02392012- Back to old base, Fixed MMS and the Settings.

03312012- Fixed Camera, went to goo-inside.me. Updates will be OTAs from now on.

04042012- Fixed Battery, I think I broke MMS and Roaming Indicator Off is still in there.

04142012- [apkhot changes: modify the search key for the lock screen?, themes apply without restarting, add call recording function, colors appear to be fixed], miren browser,

If you’re upset about lockscreens not working, go here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1428940


21 comments on “Optimus V

  1. What theme are you using?

  2. lokito15 says:

    This rOM is amazing, I never thought I would see Gingerbread MIUI on this phone. Thanks for all of the work you put into this phone

  3. chucksaysblah says:

    why’d you take the browser out if i may ask?

  4. chucksaysblah says:

    How did you remove the roaming indicator is on thing from your status bar?

    • gannon5197 says:

      Still there. Just hard to see. Lol. I’ll try to have it fixed in the next version

      • chucksaysblah says:

        right on i know in aokp all i had to do was change the custom carrier name for it to go away.

        I relaly hope the phone issue gets fixed in aokp that rom is super awesome but i cant have a phone without the phone option hahaha

      • chucksaysblah says:

        right on. Hey i flashed the theme fix.zip and i still cannot get this rom to change themes for me.

      • chucksaysblah says:

        never mind i didnt see the thread over on the forums.

  5. KidFr3sH says:

    mms doesnt work ??

  6. reaper420 says:

    The settings menu doesn’t work, it says application not installed

  7. Simon says:

    In the latest version (3282012) it says “Application is not installed on your phone” when I try to go to Settings. Also I think it is missing gapps. Thanks so much for your work… this is awesome!

  8. kssood says:

    what causes the bluetooth fc?

  9. dustbink says:

    An update for 4/04 just appeared… no word on what’s in it on AndroidCentral or the blog though. What’s up?

  10. Brandon says:

    Download link is broken

  11. GooManager force closes on me the moment I click ‘Download’ on the OTA update. Anything I should try?

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