New device!

So I’m going to support the Motorola Triumph as well as the other devices. Woot! Big thanks to the guy who is donating his Triumph for support. 


A little update

I, myself, am trying on 2 projects that seem to be going very well. One has already been compiled, but gives bootloop. The other hasn’t finished compiling yet. 

Me2151 is working hard on ZVH/J CM9 data/ril/etc. He almost has it.

Myself and Me2151 are also working on our own Sense ROMs. As soon as I get wifi, I will release an update. We just got SD Card Mounting fixed (Thanks me2151). Woot!

Im being Generous

Since the release of ZVJ has come upon us(Optimus S) I(me2151) am going to port a rom to ZVJ.

The choices are:

1. Sense ROM

2. ICS


4. Lewa

5. Rom of masses choice(leave your suggestion if your comment if not 1-3)

Please leave your vote in your comments below 🙂

Thanks – Me2151

What’s in/out for Friday’s updates

I’ve decided to make a list of what ROMs are getting updates on Friday and which ones aren’t. Remember- this is for the Optimus V. I don’t know about the other devices.

Getting updates- 

AOKP, MIUIGB, possibly, maybe, MIUIv4


Sense, LeWa, CNA

I can’t get CNA’s wifi working again, so this isn’t looking good. Otherwise I would have released.