Sense alpha 0 is released

Go check it out on and I highly suggest registering there as all my new ROMs will be hosted there


Sense is booted! Smooth as butter

So, with all the devs being interested in the Sense ROM, I’ve picked up on a few pointers. I got HW acceleration working, making it SOOOO much faster and smoother. But yet this is just a preview and really no one can use it unless you’re just wanting to help the development or just to try it out.

I’m going to be posting it on in case anybody wants to know

We have some amazing devs

So, me2151 and Drew have been making some incredible progress and busting their ass and so they got Sense real nice and what not. Only thing not working is basically everything.. 😉

I will port over Drew’s Sense 2.1 ROM as soon as possible. Also will update my sense 3.5 as soon as possible. Woot Sense!


*Add-on to the previous post*

Yes, it will be available to everyone. Best part about Leslie’s site is I don’t have to be worried about being kicked out by a mod. But I don’t know, Leslie can be a little mean (; lol